Your JCI workspace will help you manage work on meetings.

 Takes one minute. Totally free for JCI use.

Meeting invitations

Send invitations to email as .iCal or plain email and see who's coming.

Online agenda / minutes editing

Edit agenda and minutes content easily on the fly and in the same place.

Meeting calendar

Clearly share a full list of all upcoming meetings and their basic information with your group.

Tasks on agenda & minutes

Delegate preparatory tasks or action points on each agenda item for participants.

Agenda item attachments

Make it easy for people to prepare themselves, as they see clearly which files connect to each meeting section.

Meeting discussions

Have preparatory discussion on each meeting or comment the minutes afterward.

Meeting arranger quick actions

Invite people, send agenda or send minutes - all with a single click.

Export documents to .pdf

Meeting documents can be swiftly send to email or downloaded as .pdf.

Agenda & minutes preview

See a beautiful preview with your organization's logo during the meeting.

Don't take our word for it! Here's what JCI friends around Europe have to say about Agendium:
“Agendium is a user friendly tool to manage meetings and the related documents – and to ease efficient preparation of meetings. It also works well as a collaboration platform to share, gather and process ideas and information.

One of the best features is that Agendium provides clear communication channel and reduces email chaos.”
Johanna Lundán
JCI Finland National President 2015
"Agendium has worked great for JCI EDC Team and we feel it's support in increasing our efficiency and work structure. I am also very satisfied with the constant customer- centric approach and desire to deliver excellent service."
Stelian Burduhos
2015 EDC Councilor for JCI Europe
"In a project-rich environment such as JCI, Agendium delivers what it promises: a tool that supports direct collaboration and group communication without constant e-mail flooding.

The tools are intuitive and support the structure of small and large JCI projects. The flexible user management also allows mirroring the sometimes complex structure of a JCI organization into its various groups, tools, meetings and project tasks."
Arne Vanes
Regional IPP JCI Vlaanderen 2016
Michaël Vanamo
JCI Espoo President 2015
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