JCI & Agendium Ltd

Helping jaycees work efficiently online and stop information overload.

 This is how the initiative got started.

In December 2014 we discussed for the first time with Johanna (JCI Finland NP 2015). In early 2015 it already felt like we were rolling forward with great pace, as the JCI Finland and numerous regional boards had started organizing their work with Agendium.

Agendium is a work management software. The idea is to help busy people stay organized by dividing their working stuff to separate workspaces. One for a project, one for a chapter board, one for me and my colleagues, etc.

The cooperation with JCI has been a natural step, as we value the network very highly and as our product includes cool features for the main parts of JCI-activity (meetings, projects & information sharing). The success achieved during 2015 in Finland and other first European countries (by the end of 2016 there were  JCI groups using Agendium actively) encouraged us to become
an official JCI Europe partner.

We hope to bring clarity and efficiency to the work of as many jaycees as possible. You're welcome to get started yourself or to book a demo and an expert from our team will tell you more about Agendium and help you get started.

- Aleksi Pulkkanen, COO and Co-Founder, Agendium Ltd

Our Story

We found one thing odd a few years back. Companies were starting to have smart EPRs, CRMs or administrative systems, but still "excels and emails" were used when professionals worked together. At the same time new collaborative software was springing up like mushrooms on a rainy day, but people were sticking to personal tools. We found a few reasons:

Most software focus on one thing. Getting started feels like stepping on a never-ending road filled with more and more software and lots of change resistance from your peers.

Most software end up having way too many features. If you’ve got four useless features for each useful one, the software just won’t feel right. 

Most software think they know what you need. We think you know it a lot better. Maybe not right away, but when you’ve gotten familiar with collaboration tools. You can tune Agendium right for yourself by picking and modifying the tools, choosing the terms and modifying the visual look.

We're building digital tools for professional work - for the needs where personal tools aren't enough. These include planning & visualizing, meeting processes, case management and information gathering.

We're making your everyday work stuff a bit easier. That's what digitizing professional services is about.

1. We don’t know what you need - but together we will.

Get the tools you need, the wording you’re used to and the visual look of your brand without the price tag of a customized solution. Let's get started with a 15-minute meeting.

2. No-one uses a software that doesn’t feel right

Collaborative software is useless if the whole group doesn’t use it. That’s why we prioritize simplicity over “trying to do everything”.

3. Everyone wants to use the devices they like the most

One likes them big, another likes them small. More devices will just keep coming in and we want to make sure everyone can use Agendium with your favourite device.  That’s why it's all responsive - immediately usable with any device.

4. We actually listen to users

We’re all about helping you collaborate online. We know that we can pull this off only by listening to you.

Feedback from our users is the primary input for our new collaboration tools. Tell us what you need - we’ll get it done simply and securely.

JCI & Agendium Ltd - stopping information overload together.

Organized online work

Agendium has been designed for JCI organizations and works great on all levels - from a single project team to multi-national groups.


Sponsoring the network we value. Use Agendium in unlimited JCI-use for free and get it for your business for a fair price.


Book yourself a demo and we'll guide you through the basics and get everything set up for proper use in your organization.


 The founders of Agendium Ltd.

Aleksi Pulkkanen

skype: aleksi.pulkkanen1
Ismo Paananen

skype: ismo.paananen

 If you're ever near by... come meet us at our office.

You'll find us at:

Agendium Ltd
Kalevantie 2, FI-33100 Tampere

+358 10 231 6010

Don't take our word for it! Here's what JCI friends around Europe have to say about Agendium:
“Agendium is a user friendly tool to manage meetings and the related documents – and to ease efficient preparation of meetings. It also works well as a collaboration platform to share, gather and process ideas and information.

One of the best features is that Agendium provides clear communication channel and reduces email chaos.”
Johanna Lundán
JCI Finland National President 2015
"Agendium has worked great for JCI EDC Team and we feel it's support in increasing our efficiency and work structure. I am also very satisfied with the constant customer- centric approach and desire to deliver excellent service."
Stelian Burduhos
2015 EDC Councilor for JCI Europe
"In a project-rich environment such as JCI, Agendium delivers what it promises: a tool that supports direct collaboration and group communication without constant e-mail flooding.

The tools are intuitive and support the structure of small and large JCI projects. The flexible user management also allows mirroring the sometimes complex structure of a JCI organization into its various groups, tools, meetings and project tasks."
Arne Vanes
Regional IPP JCI Vlaanderen 2016
Michaël Vanamo
JCI Espoo President 2015